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Name this family in my short story (with ages)?

Hi everyone.
I'm writing a short story about a family traveling and just wanted some input on my name choices. I included the ages (if that helps your decision) please choose a first and middle name for each.
The surname will help determine their nationality.

Surname - Meyer, Afonso, Anastasopoulis, O'Donnell, Reese

Father (34) - Connor, Marco, Jeremy, Nick, Matthew, Gabriel
Mother (30) - Nicole, Anstasia, Ashley, Celina, Jadene.
Daughter (5) - Alexis, Amanda, Lucy, Veronica, India, Skylar
Daughter (4) - India, Talia, Tatum, Tilly, August
Son (1) - Mason, James, Luca, Croydon, Hudson, Matthew, Kai, Oliver

Below is the recommendation and reference answer for question "Name this family in my short story (with ages)?" It was collected and sorted by the editor of this site but not sure the answer is entirely accurate.

Connor Gabriel Meyer
Anastasia Nicole Meyer
Alexis Veronica Meyer
Talia August Meyer
Hudson Matthew Meyer

Father: Connor Matthew Reese
Mother: Ashley Nicole Reese
Daughter: India Lucy Reese
Daughter: Talia August Reese
Son: Oliver James Reese

The O'Donnell's :)
• Connor Gabriel & Anastasia "Ana" Celina O'Donnell
- Lucy Alexis O'Donnell
- Talia "Tali" August O'Donnell
- Oliver "Ollie" James O'Donnell

Father- Connor Gabriel Reese
Mother- Anstasia Jadene Reese
Daughter- India Skylar Reese
Daughter- Tilly August Reese
Son- Luca Hudson Reese

Gabriel Marco Anastasopoulis
Jadene Nicole Anastasopoulis
- Lucy Amanda Anastasopoulis
- India Tatum Anastasopoulis
- Oliver Luca Anastasopoulis

The Meyer Family

Jeremy Marco Meyer
Anstasia Nicole Meyer
India Alexis Meyer (Indie)
Tilly Tatum Meyer
Croydoon James Meyer (CJ)

Surname - Reese

Father (34) - Connor Matthew
Mother (30) - Nicole Anstasia
Daughter (5) - India Alexis
Daughter (4) - Talia August
Son (1) - Kai Oliver

Marco Jeremy Anastasopoulis
Celina Nicole Anastasopoulis

India Alexis Anastasopoulis
Talia August Anastasopoulis
Luca Matthew Anastasopoulis

-- The Meyer Family --

Nick Matthew
Anastasia Nicole

Lucy Skylar
Tatum August
Luca Oliver


jeremy connor meyer
anastasia celina meyer
lucy alexis meyer
tatum august meyer
oliver james meyer