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Name this family in my short story (with ages)?

Hi everyone.
I'm writing a short story about a family traveling and just wanted some input on my name choices. I included the ages (if that helps your decision) please choose a first and middle name for each.
The surname will help determine their nationality.

Surname - Meyer, Afonso, Anastasopoulis, O'Donnell, Reese

Father (34) - Connor, Marco, Jeremy, Nick, Matthew, Gabriel
Mother (30) - Nicole, Anstasia, Ashley, Celina, Jadene.
Daughter (5) - Alexis, Amanda, Lucy, Veronica, India, Skylar
Daughter (4) - India, Talia, Tatum, Tilly, August
Son (1) - Mason, James, Luca, Croydon, Hudson, Matthew, Kai, Oliver

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