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Which name do you like better: Elizabeth OR Eve?

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I like Elizabeth because you can shorten it to Eliza or Liz

Take a lot or ask your mother.

Elizabeth because I am in love with pride and prejudice. And I always loved Elizabeth bennet.

Elizabeth or Liz

eve! i love that name

Elizabeth, it can be shortened to loads of names. Liz, Lizzy, Libby, Eliza, Liza, Beth, Betty... etc

eve, there are too many elizabeths eve is a very nice name grows good with age and its not too long

of the two I like Elizabeth best but I really like Evangeline Eva Eve Vangie Lina can all be used as nick names.

Definitely Eve. Elizabeth is just too overdone. Eve is classic, pretty and feminine, simple but not overused or boring.
If I was names Elizabeth I would definitely go by Beth, Eliza or Betsy to distinguish it a bit from the others

Elizabeth, it's much more classy than Eva.

Elizabeth because my mother's name is Elizabeth and I think it is a strong, classy name. 💛