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Are cars below a 2015 useless ?

So I had a conversation with my Bestfriend and she told me that it's not good to put money down on a car. She said it's smart to put down a loan instead and build your credit. I was also told by her that it's very risky to get a car below a 2015 because it breaks down easily ? She also told me a 2015 Toyota camary wasn't expensive ? Is all this true? What should you do when buying a new car for the first time?

My car is a 2000 Honda and it hasn't broke down.


No! of course Not!

Last year, we bought a used 2013 Honda Fit that has 75,000 km on its clock and guess what, we never had a problem with it except for its battery and horn but we already replaced them. It still runs smooth like new

Nothing wrong with an old car if you take care of it. If you don't know how to work on cars you might want to stay within 7 years old, but to say a car older than 2015 is no good is just stupid. You would be better off with a car from the 70's or older than to have a brand new car, it's all about taking care of it.


I am having more problems with my 2013 focus than I am with my '91 accord. The accord is 26 years old at 280,000 miles. The focus is 4 years old at 120,000 miles.

What total bullsHit. My last car was 17 years old when it died and I bought it when it was ten years old.
Buying a new car is for people who like to spend money. All cars I ever had were bought for cash and that also saved me thousands on insurance.

However I believe in paying your mechanic to check out the used car you are going to buy

i still drive a 1978 grand marquis... it runs fine, and it's nearly 40 years old... it looks like crap, but it runs awesome...

honestly, if it's well cared for, anything under ten years old with less than 150,000 miles should still be reliable enough for everyday driving purposes...

i have a 1991 s10 i put a 350 in that shall out perform all the pos 2015

Think of it this way:

A brand-new, latest model, car loses about 1/3 of its price as soon as you drive it off the sales lot!

Demo models and older cars only lose 1/4 of their price in the same time frame (and the price is already lower).

Sure, you do need to be careful with older cars, since there is usually a reason for them being sold off (not always what the reason stated is).