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Is 6 hours sleep a night enough?

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need 8 hrs solid


soounds okay 6 hours more than moi

It depends on your biological demands. 6 hours is enough for one person, but the other needs no less than 8.

Yes you right, 6 hours sleep is enough for human.

i worked with 6-hours of sleep for numerous years, then worked 12-15 hour days and commuted over 2-hours everyday... i had no time to sleep... now, that i have changed jobs, my life-work relationship is much better, and get 8-10-hours everyday...
and, "boy!", i feel so much better...

Some people manage on more, some on less. I need around 8 hours, more in winter time. If not I fall asleep in the day, get cranky, depressed etc.

My wife needs less than me. Margaret thatcher said she only slept 4 hours a night, but she was a psycho with crazy staring eyes.

I teach schoolchildren in asia, where they are encouraged to study late at night, and get up early morning. In South Korea, there was a proverb that students who only slept 5 hours a night would succeed better than those who slept for 6. I've noticed however that many of the students who fail are failing because they cannot stay awake in class, basically because they need more sleep than their schedule allows


Newborn children rest around 16 hours a day, while adolescents require 9 hours by and large. For most grown-ups, 7 to 8 hours a night has all the earmarks of being the best measure of rest, albeit a few people may require as few as 5 hours or upwards of 10 hours of rest every day

Everyone is different. However, sleeping for eight (8) hours every night is quite unnecessary. A recent study into the sleep patterns of our Victorian ancestors, who firmly believed in the eight hours sleep - shows that it actually shortened their lives by as much as five to ten years.

Six quality undisturbed hours of sleep is good enough.

The other thing you can do is the Winston Churchill method of taking a nap sometime during the working day. Lunch time is good enough. Set your phone alarm and get about 40 minutes of sleep. Give it a try. You'll feel refreshed.

What do we do during sleep time? Our brain dumps a lot of junk into our subconscious where it remains, as if in Cyberspace.

This action then frees up the brain for more activity until the next sleep period and etc.

You may find this next alarming, but don't worry.

It is now revealed that the Human Mind is as the Human Soul which lives on beyond this life.

I should explain to you that the idea of life after death is not something attached to Christianity or Islam, it is actually far older than both and comes from the Classical Greeks - Aristotle in particular.