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What makes you such an expert to answer questions about audio ?

I don't claim to be an expert, but I know a few things.
It started with albums in the early 60's, and the quest for good sound. In 1971 I was trying to build a crossover for my speaker system, I worked with dozens of electronic techs ( I wasn't at the time) and no one could calculate the values of capacitors or inductors required. So I quit my job, went to an electronics school, and found out how to do it myself. I became an electronics tech in the avionics field, radar, ILS, VOR, COMM units, the whole bit, but my main quest for good sound remained, and slowly my stereo took shape. Now, 40 years later, I'm done with it, and it is excellent. In the meantime, my free time was consumed with running sound for bands, consulting for systems at clubs, and setting up stereo systems for friends. Audio was never my "field", but it was my passion. Went to a tri-amped system about 10 years ago in my living room, and have never been happier with the way things sound. Other than that, I'm just a guy that likes music.

Who are you asking?

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For myself, I make no claim to be an "expert",
but I do have a lot of Useful Knowledge
that I have gained from Experience.

Same in every category. I am the Top Responded in Performing Arts, and in the top 5 in Classical Music. Multiple degrees, long - like you - full-time career in professional music, blah blah. People still argue with me - they think learning the guitar off YooToob will get them a huge career. This is what you get at anonymous sites. Everybody that owns an electric keyboard thinks they are a superstar, EVERYBODY things they can sing ( . .ouch . . .) and every MS and HS kid has spiral books full of dopey lyrics - "Hey - I wrote a song! How do a get like a record contract of sumfin?? Lots of folks - asking or responding - just want validation. And I think ALL Blue Heads shoudl be banned - they are the worst.

I started getting interested in "Hi-Fi" when I started getting interested in music when I was about 12. I was born in 1955. I am one of those people who start a hobby and learn everything they can about it. I didn't have much money so needed to build my stereo from bits and pieces, learning as I did so.

I have also worked professionally in the fields of sound reinforcement and commercial sound system maintenance.

I went to a prestigious music school and minored in Electronic Music.

Is that enough?

Experience the audio personally

3 years of working with old stuff from the 70s when I attended school,revox,sansui receivers audio color vcrs turntables.,audio & visual hware has saturated the market,state of the art eqpt has reached second hand high end audio,and thrift shops,my concerns are cost,,I decline to spend 2k$ when 50 bucks will get me similar value,older hardware sansui,kenwood,panasonic zenith were made tough thicker wiring,they could take drops from waist high & still work.newer stuff often pack so much circuitry w tiny solder connections,mousewhisker wires, but are extremely fragile,from headphones to well made turntables & vinyl records.


Nothing so I don't answer such questions, but you asked about expertise so I took my points.

in one word, Experience!

30+ years in the AV business.