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Is my boss jealous of me/ that I have a boyfriend?

She is extremely insecure...If you saw her, you'd see what I meant. Anyway. Back in November as I was working at cash, my bf came by to see me. He was standing by the cash smiling at me..oh and he was wearing a suit too. My manager saw it and a day later she asked me if I knew that guy that was smiling at me, I said yes and she said " he was in the store too long" and I told her that he bought something and she still repeated what she said. She didn't want to hear it. My contract with the company is seasonal and it is supposed to be ending January 14th. We talked yesterday about if she's going to keep me and she started making up things like that I work too slowly and something to the affect that I'm not following rules. But she said there are a lot of people who are fighting to keep me
( Not that she wants me) so she is extendeding my contact an extra 45 days. But her number one reason for not wanting to keep me is because my boyfriend came to see me! Am I wrong or is that not work related? He was clearly a customer because he bought things but every time I told her that, she would reply with "yup, but he was in the store too long"

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