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How eliminate ants in bed. Cant trace them.?

Put borax or chalk.

Do NOT bring food into your bedroom......especially, your bed.

use dettol product

Ultrasonic pest eliminators that you plug in work good at keeping them away. I have had problems with odoriferous ants. They are tiny and hard to kill, but they hate ultrasound. It won't kill them but they will leave the protected area. Make sure the speaker is not blocked for maximum effectiveness.

use dettol product


draw them free hand.

Pestilence is maintained by adiquately maintaining your garden and household. (And making sure your neighbors do too)

Borax 1-1-1. 1 cup borax dissolve in 1 cup boiling water, add 1 cup honey. Mix well. A drop here & there were ants are. They eat it take it back to the nest. There gone. It takes a few weeks. As you need kill those in the nest. Ants love honey. Sometime sugar is used. Borax drills a hole in them if ate or on there shell. Insects weep out threw the hole. As they can not stop bleeding is why this works. So kills all insects. But pet & human safe.

All of these people have no idea what they are telling you to do.
Ants come in houses in LINE looking for food and a temporary place to stay. Unfortunately, they get in your way.
If you destroy their chemical line, (a smell that ants use to follow back and forth) then the ants will loose the connection of going to where they are going. If the ants scattered all over your bed, then it is Sweet spills dried on your bed. Possibly food crumbles too. Try washing your bed covers, blankets and etc.
If your ants form a line, Remove your furniture and stuff. Then try to follow there they came from. Usually they come through cracks and holes. Find it, and use HOT GLUE, or SILICONE, or Chalk pudding and BLOCK the hole or cracks.
By eliminating their chemical tracks, Blend garlics mixed with water and use the juice to clean the path. Then use normal cleaners to clean the area.