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Why can't I understand atheism when my IQ is 140?

Below is the recommendation and reference answer for question "Why can't I understand atheism when my IQ is 140?" It was collected and sorted by the editor of this site but not sure the answer is entirely accurate.

Perhaps your decimal point is in the wrong place: 14.0. However the level of an IQ has no relevance if it's not used to apply logic. If you are brought up by your peer group to believe a lie, your IQ will never change that unless you use it to discover the truth.

Mind you, if you actively seek to find out why atheists are atheists and can't, then your IQ test was a miserable failure and you should seek a real one.

Einstein was about 160 or 170 or higher, quite rare, but he didn't really understand mathematics. He called the universe God as energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form, that's the first law of thermodynamics. Now, when it was released, by a Catholic priest "scientist" that the universe was expanding from a central point, it was taken as proof by the mostly Christian scientific community, of the literal truth of Genesis, and God said let there be light, in the beginning, God said this. The actual theory for a single universe is a singularity of infinite density which for no reason at all, just decided to go bang, and start expanding, which breaks many laws of physics, which is why they say the laws of physics break down at the big bang, due to causality, unless it is immediately preceded and always preceded by the big crunch. Stars and black holes, hot and cold eternal energy, moving like the tides forever, is what "created" us.

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Oh, I see the problem. You forgot the decimal point.

If you cant understand what atheism is when its really quite simple, then I have to doubt your no doubt personal assessment of your IQ. I don't believe in a god/s because I have seen no good evidence of one. Doesn't take a 140 IQ to make sense of that.

What is to understand. People tell us of magical critters that poof things into existence. Atheists say "I don't believe that". Then it hits the fan because they can't back it, do you understand why adults play so seriously with pretense and superstition? Why would an adult play pretend like that?

then ure dumb or uve been lying to

I'll try to help--although it blows me away that you can't understand what atheism is, when even my autistic 8 year old grandson can understand what it is.

"Atheism" is a word used to label people who do not believe in gods. That's it--period.

Try to think of it this way. I assume you do not believe in Zeus, Thor, Ishtar, Mithra, or any of the other thousands of gods that men have invented over thousands of years. I don't believe in them either. I just go one god further than you do. I don't believe in YOUR god, the same way you don't believe in all the other gods.

Now, if you do not understand atheism after this explanation, then clearly someone made a terrible error on your IQ test, and you are not nearly as smart as you apparently think you are.

You had filled your head with lies and fantasies instead of facts

uve been lying to

Because it defies logic.

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I highly recommend everyone watch this video clip. Very interesting.