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What do you think of nudity?

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I don't think anything of it. People see nudity as sexual, I don't. People see nudity as vulgar or indecent, I don't. We wear clothing to stay warm and keep dirt off of us. We also keep our dirt to ourselves by not sitting naked in public places. Clothing helps to prevent injury, the world has a lot of sharp edges which would abrade us constantly. We also differentiate the status of people with clothing. A nude cop would go unrecognized. Nudity is just a person without clothing, nothing obscene or sexual, just without any covering.

we ALL came into the world nude, and many go out that way. It's natural/

lack of clothes.

Only young hot slender females with trimmed hair are permitted

i believe that public nudity should be legal so long as there's no lewd behavior that is... i see it as a healthy fun and exciting way to experience our own sensuality...

What the Greek artists thought of it that the human body is a thing of great beauty.

To be perfectly honest, in terms of nudity, we are ALL nude beneath our clothes and when we shower without a hair cap.

Sometimes I like to imagine myself as a sexually-repressed preacher standing in the pulpit over a congregation and warning them in an overly-theatrical style that nudity is the invention of the DEVIL

i nudity is so sugarualized 'cause people are so uncomfortable with it......... but with that being said the nice thing about that is 'cause of the sugarualization of nudity it make it more exciting to undress a sugarual partner

i feel awesome about it, especially when i am in the shower... but i do not think that it would be so good to see people walking down the street nude...
have i ever had a bad experience with nudity? you bet! once i was driving to work at 3:00am in the morning on a deserted freeway... a car races up from behind and pulls along side, and then in front of me forcing me to stop... i stopped, then the car pulled about 30-yards ahead of me... the guy is good size and really angry, yelling and cussing me, waving his arms around and ready to fight... then, of all things, he starts to take all of his clothes off... first his shirt and shoes, then when he gets his pants and skivies around his ankles, i floor the gas and drive around him really fast...
crazy nude guy on pcp, or something...
apparently all nudity is not art...
maybe he was going for the "naked"-truth?