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Do I look fat? Picture included?

Picture of me

Below is the recommendation and reference answer for question "Do I look fat? Picture included?" It was collected and sorted by the editor of this site but not sure the answer is entirely accurate.

No, not fat. Curvy though. Yes you should loose a bit of weight to keep healthy and feel better, but not a drastic amount at all.


You should probably lose a few pounds from the thighs, but its nothing terrible

Oh sweety it's not a good idea posting a pic of yourself on the internet.

I could lie to you to make you feel good temporarily, but my honest answer is yes, you could lose a few pounds. People here are being "nice" just because it s the new trend, but deep inside they are hypocrites and weak-minded self-deceivers.



no you ar so hooot

yeah you are older looking have wrinkles showing and if i was to remove the clothes is find nothing but a rolly pully fat girl... not gonna sugar coat it for you it's unhealthy and just down right selfish to post a picture knowing your fat and asking the public to lie... come on

I've had mid-back to waist length tresses most of my life.

No, you don't look fat. Keep in mind, there are some rather miserable people on the internet that get their giggles putting down others, especially about things that bother them. It's easy to see that you yourself think you're fat, so it'd be easy for these miserable trolls to pick up on it.
Truth is, whether you were fat or not (you aren't), our opinion doesn't matter, only yours and the men or women you choose to try to flatter. You should never seek reassurance from strangers. Hope this helps.