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Who is Hitler?!???!??!?

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Who Trump was in his past life

a nazi german general who put jews in camps and killed them and blamed them for many things

He was that one guy with the dumb mustache and he killed thousands of Jews... you know that guy right?

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, northern part. His father deeply hated him when he was still a young boy. Hitler was so jealous with the other kids for being well-off. He studied fine arts but most of his projects were underrated. He entered politics and he amazed the German politicians of his superb talent is public speeches and was given a position to administer the implementation of political policies until his appointment as German Chancellor in the view of improving the government projects and was very much liked by the people, nut in the later part of the 1920's he became abusive and disliked the Jews because of their economic practices and in so doing, he hated the Jews of their complacencies most especially their rudeness in business.

Der Führer was the greatest human being who ever lived. He was responsible for saving Germany from economic meltdown, established Germany as one of the most advanced nations in the world, and was far, far ahead of his time when it came to solving the overpopulation crisis.

Think Europe's got a migrant crisis now? Just wait 50 years for the third world populations to explode (like they're doing now) and natural resources like water and farmland to be stretched to breaking point.

"When the chips are down, these civilised people will eat each other"

Hitler wasn't a monster. He was just ahead of the curve.

Adolf Hitler was a national socialist, who after service with the German Army in WW-One went on to build and create his own political party of National Socialists - who we know as the Nazis.

The aim of the Nazi party was to cleans Germany of all but a mythical race call Aryans - which Adolf Hitler (an Austrian) claimed were the rightful people to occupy Germany and not anyone else.

German dictator from 1933 to 1945 (April 30, when he committed suicide).

adolf hitler (20 april 1889 – 30 april 1945) was a german politician who was the leader of the nazi party (nationalsozialistische deutsche arbeiterpartei; nsdap),

adolf hitler was the leader of nazi gernumerous from 1934 to 1945... he initiated world war ii and oversaw fascist policies that resulted in millions of deaths...

as he revoked the treaty, the world soon took notice, but was too late as he had already taken over all of europe practically, along with the japanese empire and the italians... ww2 revolved around countries trying to overthrow this "axis" powers, which hitler was at the centre of... towards the end of the war, hitler's lack of military knowledge proved deadly as it caused holes in his military, allowing countries to retake over europe, and led to hitler's suicide in the mid 40s...