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Will sex ever feel good for me?

I had sex for the first time but it seemed all for him. I gave him oral, I let him penetrate me but I didn't feel anything. And then he came. He said it was a great night but for me it was just letting him use my body. Where both young btw (I'm 15, he's 18)


Sex can feel really good but it has to go two ways you basically gave him what he wanted, he didn't focus on you like giving oral has to be received as well it's not just you giving it and him taking it. He has to take part in making you feel good otherwise the experience for you won't feel as good.

But of course it would be a great night for him because he got to f*ck a girl much younger than him and he got to have his orgasm you didn't so that's why you also might not be feeling that it was great for you female orgasms can take longer to reach or if you *** by penetration that's different.

But you're too young for sex period you're a minor, you can get into a lot of trouble for having sex with him it's basically breaking the law and you have done that but it depends on where you live really, if you live in the UK or America there're more countries that have the age for sex which is 16 others 18 but I'm not going to sit here and list every country.

Sex can be very fun but also very consequential for the experience of sex babies can be made and at your age I doubt you want to balance high school and a potential pregnancy, so be a very good idea to stop worrying if he's using you and be aware of the possibility of getting pregnant condoms, the pill and the pull out method don't always work. Because the next question you could ask in a month or so is "I'm pregnant at 15 and the 18 year old guy has left me, or has violently punched me in my stomach I'm afraid". So drop sex for a long while and just focus on your studies and a potential good career in the future.

Also 18 year old males at that age they would only want sex with a younger girl like you, they only want to mess around and use you well some males that age now play mind games and just want sex not all of them, you'd be lucky if you found one that just wants you for you.

So you can look at it like this he got his orgasm and you didn't, he focused all of the experience on himself and non on you which in my book he's using you. Or you could be blind to it and just think that he was afraid that he'd f*ck up in pleasing you or he wouldn't know how to do it, which that would be a load of b*llsh*t he would know what to do he's been around longer than you and has probably had much more experience.

But he's a sex offender, peodophile whatever you want refer him to, he broke the law in reality he should be sent down for this because he could be using girls who're much younger than you. I'm not saying that he's it's just a possibility that could be happening you do not know and if you asked him there's always a possibility that he could lie to you.

I can't tell you what to do or what to think but on this whole situation I'm just trying to get my opinion across to you and some advice on the whole situation.

Honey, that sh*ts illegal. He's 18, an adult, and your a minor.

Congratulations you have been used for your body you are now a hwofe i hope you remeber he will break up with you eventually get married to someone who is not you. Next time close your legs

Firstly. Your too young for sex. Sex is something that should be between two people who love each other and care about each other, sex should be enjoyable and fun for both people, not just the one person.
Sounds, like the guy is using you, not to be mean or anything but a guy should be romantic and if you give them oral, you at least deserve it back, i think you didn't enjoy it because he was only thinking of himself. he sounds like an asshole to me, He's 18 and your 15 and he's having sex and using you to make himself feel good and just so he could 'get some' from you. I really really hope you being 15 your using protection and are on the pill. you don't want to find out that your pregnant.

Secondly. You should be focusing on school, and why did you have sex with him? When i was 15 i was studying and i was working on a good future, i wasn't interested in boys and neither should you. girl focus on yourself, **** boys for right now there will always be guys and sex in your future. Your young and should want a good job in the future not want a children.

i strongly advise you to say you don't want to have sex with him anymore, you should always make a guy wait for sex, because if they don't stick around that means thats all they want. don't get me wrong sex is great. omg its great. but if the guy doesn't love you.. and is using you for sex.. he's an asshole and doesn't deserve someone as good as you. don't let this go on any longer sweety.

nice job... you're on your way to being 15 and pregnant, probably raped by an adult taking advantage of you (having sugar with a minor is illegal btw), and your completely clueless... let me give you a list of all the diseases you might get from this person you probably don't even know...

hepatitis c
hepatitis b
hiv / aids
hpv / warts
human papillomavirus (hpv)
vaginal yeast
vaginosis (bv)
yeast in men
pelvic inflammatory disease (pid)

search some up... how does itchy, red warts sound in your vagina?

it's really sad knowing you might just have ruined the rest of your life... who wants to be with someone carrying all those sugarually transmitted diseases? or someone who gave their virginity away at 15 or younger? or someone who's pregnant? or someone who got an (probably at this rate) abortion in high school? i think you should stop like right now and actually educate yourself in the danger of what your doing, especially the person you're with...

I think the reason it didn't feel good was because you thought it was all for him, which probably means that you aren't into it, and I find that what makes sex amazing is that if you are into it in your mind, your body will love it. I think you just need to find someone who you really love and are honored to have sex with. Then, it will feel good when he penetrates you because you will love him and allow your body to feel good. Also, I would say something about how young you are, but who am I to judge? I'm young too.

Please don't take this the wrong way.
You are not ready and you learned that.
I am not going to dwell on what happened. But I will talk to you as though I should have helped you cope with an adult. Dont do it.?
You are not ready. Go get yourself tested for an STD.
Learn how your body works.

Yes you can. You are too young so I can't tell you anything specific but talk to an adult female and ask question.

Sex will get better. Your body has yet to finish developing. Just try exploring different things that make you feel good, if your partner is willing. If he is not willing to, then he's only after his pleasure and doesn't care about yours. Which is wrong. And you should dump him. (If he doesn't care about pleasing you). Also...I can speak from experience. Having sex is a very risky thing. I had sex with the same person for two years on the pill, and eventually got pregnant. I loved him, he didn't love me Yada yada...point is, we are just two parents raising a child, I had to drop out of college and it's just a hard road. Sex can wait. And it's better with someone who loves you as much as you love them and have a child you planned for who will have a whole family and not a broken one.

Probably not. Sounds like your bf thinks that raping you like in porn is what sex all about. Why he gets everything and you get nothing, he is just egoistic bordering sexual abuse. Hom doibg everything he likes and ignoring you is not sex, it's an abuse