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Apparently I walk funny?

People have said I walk funny and have been saying this for a few years.
I studied myself to see if I walk different from other people.. But I Really don't.
I've seen questions on Yahoo saying to just ignore those people but A lot of people have said this.
I really don't think I "Walk funny", this may be odd but I think its my Butt size.. LOl.
People say I look like I have a D*** up my A**.. Pretty funny, right? ;-;
I stand upright and look at myself in the mirror and my A** just sticks straight out.
Could this be why people say I walk funny?
Its not like I don't swing my arms (Even though I didn't for a while...)
Pretty stupid question but I really want to know.. I have very low self esteem imho, so I can't really ignore people.. Makes me pretty sad when people say bad things about me o_o
Oh well, thanks if you answer.
Oh and I'm a guy..

At the end of the day, you just needa learn to not give two fvcks

Hello I'm not here to scare you or anything but do your self a favor. Get yourself checked out by doctor " I've had to same experience people kept saying that to me for years "what wrong with your leg or why do you walk funny " when I got older and started having weakness in my legs and was falling over a lot I went to doctors (typical male not wanting to go doctors right)only to find out I've got muscular dystrophy ,I'm not saying that's what you've got.

Well I have a big butt but I'm a female and been told I walk stiff. Seriously I don't think a big butt has anything to do with a walk. I thought I walked fine all these years until some butthole whom I don't even know said that. I used to walk comfortable everywhere I went but now it is replaced with nervousness and worrying how I walk. I hate it and honestly before this did not pay enough attention to other people unless they walk bowlegged, even that I don't think nothing of it.

Now I'm paying attention to other people walking styles and people walk differently. Some like models, ducks, bouncy, leaning forward, etc. The ones you don't like want to tear you down and consistently make you feel bad. You can change your gait but it takes practice. I hope it comes a day for me to not care that I supposedly walk like I have a stick up my ***. So should you. Who knows, then we both probably start walking "normal." :)

Apparently with no surprise
To any happy Flower
The Frost beheads it at its play --
In accidental power --
The blonde Assassin passes on --
The Sun proceeds unmoved
To measure off another Day
For an Approving God.

Emily Dickinson

To be "unmoved" can mean to remain motionless, or it can mean to remain emotionally untouched or unaffected. If the sun "proceeds" across the sky, it obviously does not remain physically unmoved.