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Apparently I walk funny?

People have said I walk funny and have been saying this for a few years.
I studied myself to see if I walk different from other people.. But I Really don't.
I've seen questions on Yahoo saying to just ignore those people but A lot of people have said this.
I really don't think I "Walk funny", this may be odd but I think its my Butt size.. LOl.
People say I look like I have a D*** up my A**.. Pretty funny, right? ;-;
I stand upright and look at myself in the mirror and my A** just sticks straight out.
Could this be why people say I walk funny?
Its not like I don't swing my arms (Even though I didn't for a while...)
Pretty stupid question but I really want to know.. I have very low self esteem imho, so I can't really ignore people.. Makes me pretty sad when people say bad things about me o_o
Oh well, thanks if you answer.
Oh and I'm a guy..

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