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Never Had a "Crush"?

Hey. I'm fourteen, and, as the title states, I've never felt any sort of attraction to anyone. It seems to be one of the most important things to many females my age (from my experience) and it rather confuses me. Sure, I've thought,"oh. They have a nice nose." Or,"their facial structure is quite desirable." But never," ooh, I love them so much, they're so cute, do they like me back?" Ever since I was in kindergarten, I'd set my mind on never getting married, or having children. I'd planned- and still plan- to live alone, somewhere where I can write and draw all day long, and grow my own food, and give animals great, happy lives. Somewhere in a forest. It just seems so perfect to me; and never have I had a spouse in my imagination of a fulfilled life. Is this strange? I'm I just meant to be a singleton? I appreciate you taking the time to read my near-pointless question; wherever and whoever you are. I hope you have a lovely rest of your day :)

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