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Ethernet Cable not being detected by Windows 10?

Okay, this has seemed to been making me furious for the past 2 days. So apparently, my Wi-Fi connection is supposedly working perfectly fine, and my computer connects to it. But the thing is my computer just believes there is no such thing as an Ethernet cable plugged in whatsoever. I have tried every possible solution, which my ISP had to be involved and they said they couldn't diagnose the problem for it is not on their end. So I have Comcast as my Internet service with the 75 Mbps plan, and there are two ports that involve Ethernet cables, and there is one port in my computer which is the other end of the Ethernet. They are plugged in, green light is on from the modem, and there's a yellow light from the PC which is where its connected to and my PC does not seem to recognize anything coming in or out. I tried resetting my entire computer because I thought it was faulty hardware problems thinking a reset would fix but the problem still persists. And you know, the funny thing is, when my Xbox Wireless Adapter (for controller not Wi-Fi) is plugged into a USB port, my computer detects that as an Ethernet cable. Now tell me is it the computer or is it just me? Also I have tried to use different Ethernet cables but fail

Here are my system specs:
Motherboard Memphis-B
Processor Intel-Core i5-4570K @ 3.20GHz (4CPUS)
Graphics Card EVGA GTX 980
Memory 12GB
Power Supply Internal 460W (100V-240V)
Case Tower

For more system specs:

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