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Apparently I'm an emo?

All I did was wear black, have a cool ig feed, like art and photography and BOOM... I'm suddenly called an emo. It bothers me because I'm really a person who should'nt fall into that stereotype. What can I do to dispel these certain perceptions of me?

Ehh, it's probably the fact that you're just wearing black or something..
Last year I loved the color black and wore a black shirt with jeans almost everyday and all of a sudden- BOOM... I was goth.

Just try to wear a bit more color or something.

Stop wearing black/dark colors.

apparently no one has any clue what they're talking about -- just cuz of how you described your look/interests does NOT make you a so-called "emo" (ppl are highly likely referring to the 'emo-pop punk kid' label, not 'emo', cuz Emo is a music genre + not the kind of music youths actually have listened to since around the 2000's...)

clearly this is a false stereotype of you. at least you feel against it + labeling, but yes many ppl like to label others. that doesn't mean you *have* to listen to them, cuz they're not always right about you or the labels anyway. you just enjoy being yourself + your interests + really just ignore anyone who labels you or tells you otherwise. they don't know you any better than you.

or you could get into learning a bit about what 'emo' is + isn't + try to prove wrong of those who call you "emo", but that's if you really want to tell them otherwise. but if not + you want to take the easy way out, *ignore* them! it's worth if you can learn to ignore what other ppl think of you (if it's something you don't care for hearing from them about you). show you don't care with a shrug or reply like "whatever" + then change the subject, or simply walk away cuz you have better things to do than listen to someone falsely label you.