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Was mother being rude?

Okay right now i made myself some dinner and there was no plastic forks so i used my moms reserved plastic forks that were in the table (which i really didn't know it was hers and there was more than one) Anyway, i got up to change shirts since i didn't want anything to spill even more on my pajamas shirt and when i came back i see my mom complaining next to my food that i supposedly took her reserved fork thus aggressively grabbing my fork that was in my plate. I assure her not to do that because i didn't like people hoovering near my plate like that and i did felt that it was rude. She told me i didn't had the right to ask her that since i took her fork, she had the right to grabbed it on my plate. And my little sister (she's 15) told me that i can't complained because my opinion doesn't matter and that since i am rude to for asking my mother that, i don't deserve respect. But i am not sure how i feel about my sister since she has been having her mix jealousy emotions towards me, so her opinion seems valid to me. My point is was my mother being rude and did i had the right to complain?

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