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I keep dreaming about my ex best friend?

About six months ago we stopped being friends and I dont even know why. She just completely cut me off and stopped talking to me. Before this we had been friends for 12 years and she was really my only friend. I knew her family, they knew me. I knew that whenever I was having trouble at home that I could go over there... but that s why it s so confusing to me. Why did she just stop talking to me? The only thing that happened before that is she had a birthday party and invited everyone but me. So I confronted her, I would ve understood because when she had sent out the invites we werent on good terms but when I asked her that she just ignored me.. But, in these dreams Im having we open up about why we said what we said or why we didn t say anything at all and in these dreams we always make up. Yes, I miss her but I feel like she just doesnt want to be friends with me anymore and would just ignore the gesture. She has another good friend and I dont think she cares about me anymore. I still see her at work a lot and we act like we don t even know eachother... its very hostile. Should I try to talk with her or just ignore it?

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