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Do 16 yr olds get £60 a fortnight in scotland?

my scottish friend told me this is it true?

Yes, my cousin is in Scotland, he ran away to marry a 58-year old man he met on the internet, minors don't need parental consent to marry there.

This is education maintenance allowance, designed to help young people from low income families to stay in education after 16. Not all 16 year olds still at school or college get it because it depends on what the family income is - see link below. You must attend all classes or you don't get paid.

EMA was introduced for the whole UK during the last Labour government but the coalition government abolished it in England, saying it's just bribery and most 16 year olds would have stayed in education anyway, so it's a waste of money. It still exists outside England because education is a "devolved matter" so the Scottish Parliament can make its own rules for Scotland.