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Advice for this guy I went on one date with? Confused and a little heartbroken...?

So I'm about 21, met this guy on grindr. We chatted on the app for like 2 weeks before we decided to meet up in the park. We met, talked for hours, walked around. I thought that it went really well. We came to this secluded area and he kissed me and it was great. We made out there for a long time. We eventually had to leave and he seemed almost hesitant to go. So correct me if I'm wrong but it would seem like it was a successful first date and should lead to another date.

He gave me his number but I didn't text him after, I just talked to him on grindr again. He told me he had fun and I was even cuter in person. Well about a week goes by, I don't talk to him much, and I notice he deleted his grindr account. He didn't block me I have made new accounts to see and he just hasn't been on. I assume he deleted his account and then the app.

So I try texting the number he gave me, but I get no response. And I'm just not sure what to do. Maybe he needed a break from guys and that's why he deleted his grindr. Or maybe he just didn't like me for whatever reason or maybe I wrote his number wrong.

I'm just sad because I thought we really got along and had so much to talk about and had instant chemistry. Definitely the best guy I've met so far. It's just sad it's not gonna work out. But what do you think? What should I do?

He's not interested.
Sorry, but just accept it and get on with your life.

Grindr is for hook-ups, not anything serious. If he was interested in dating, he would have replied. Looks like he has moved on - you should try to do the same.

You need to let it go because in some ways this could be a warning sign for you. It don't make sense in him not wanting to return to you, so he either has huge personal problems to deal with or he could be tied to somebody else. Whichever way, he has created mistrust and this should be taken note off.

Learn to judge people by their actions, not by what they say. For some people it is all anout the chase. Some are scared of committment. Many are just not equipped to tell you what they really think and feel - all they can do is block you.
Learn that this is why you need a few dates with aomeone before you can start to make judgements. In the future, I wouldn't be this invested after a first date - you are still very much in the stafe of determining if he is a flake or not before you invest more time in him.
Clearly he is a flake.
Move on.
Think about ways you can screen better. Think about ways to have more realistic expectations after the first date.
If you want husband material - join thw gay community center, attend a gay friendly church. Volunteer for a lgbt charity. Try a local lgbt hiking group or book club. Internet sites are usually for quick sex.