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Would you date a guy that couldn't bare children?

He has little sperm count and his sex drive is decreasing. He can't afford any pills because none of them work. He goes to the doctor and shows you the papers that says he is unable to get you pregnant. He sits down and says. I'm so sorry, I failed you and starts to sob uncontrollably.

Would you stay with him?


That's the only kind of individual I want to date. I'd say hell yes, let's go to the bar.

Depends on whether I want children or not, and whether I want sex or not.

If I don't want sex or children, this guy is ideal. If I already have children and he wants to raise them, he's still great.

Now, if this guy WANTS to have a sex life, there are other things besides pills. He can see a doctor and get a pump or implant. Or he can get psychological counseling if it's a psych matter.

A "little sperm count" can still get a woman pregnant.

So, this story sounds like a guy who's depressed -- I'd start with therapy.

"There are other ways."

IF he does actually WANT kids....IVF, adoption, sperm donor....