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Why am I not allowed to be proud to be white?

I am from Italy originally, I just moved with my family here to America.I noticed that black Americans have a lot of pride in being black, I thought that was good for them because Africa is a great place.I then told someone that I am proud to be white, when they told me about their pride.He got angry started to yell at me and talk about how I shouldn't be proud because my ancestors were slave owners of his people, the thing is that my ancestors never left Italy.They never owned black slaves, and I have nothing to do with slavery.Why can't I be like him and be proud of my race?

Why am I not allowed to be proud to be white? I am not even racist.

Grow a pair and show your pride.

Although I have far more pride in my nationality, I would not allow some clown to tell me that I could not be proud to be white

Because you are not all white. Italians have African blood in them from the Moor influence.

If you actually were white, being proud of that would be like being proud that you have hands. It's lame. Sonce you're actually pink, being proud to be "white" means you're crazy. You can't be proud of something you're not. You can think you are, say you are, but that doesn't make it true. Do something with your life... earn your pride.

How do you stop a white boy from molesting your baby?

Let him molest your dog.

What’s white and orange and makes black people laugh?

A white boy on fire.
What do you call an unemployed, homeless white man with a lawyer?

A meth dealer.

Due to the sordid history between Africans and Europeans throughout the Americas, which is still pounded into the minds of young students, there has been a negative stigma attached with those of European descent who demonstrate the slightest bit of love for their people. Since these images have been taught and reinforced through the use of media (i.e. movies, TV shows, news media, general sentiments), it makes no difference to the average African American as to whether or not your ancestors were here during slavery or were involved in it. Because to them, any "white" person who conforms to what is now, in the West, generally established as being unacceptable behavior is a racial bigot, otherwise known as a 'racist.' This is why you cannot freely express yourself in terms of your racial pride, as the conditions of living here condemn it.

I understand where you are coming from. Much of my sentiments on this issue are derived from the feminist agenda which seems to deliberately and systematically continue to make men feel guilty for being men, nevermind how much has been enacted to try and "correct" alleged wrongs. So, because of this, I can relate.

Personally, however, I have never felt proud of being Asian, specifically Filipino, as though it were something to gloat over. But, I am grateful and appreciative for who I was created to be. If this is what you mean by being proud, then I have no issue with you expressing it.

The reason why people get mad over that is because of what happened in the past and racism today. Every race has done good and bad.

Because it's a hate crime to exist while being white.

This question is fake. Although Italians are white Europeans, they wouldn't take pride in simply that fact. After all, that would include the Anglos (Angli). True Italian pride is based on a specific culture group, gen, bloodline, etc.

Italians are neither white or black, imbecile.

because you are too be assigned an identity of criminal and perpetrator... your "job" is to accept dehumanization and hatred towards yourself by black racist animals who are of USE as vote cattle for white liberals/feminists/and gays.

the second you become proud of being white... you are ACKNOWLEDGING a thing as being white.

it does not matter what it is, langauge, culture, identity, ethnicity, history....then someone black or non-white who now STEALS and co opts that thing as being "theirs too" will cry "racism".

white pride is a slap in the face to the hate and hypocrisy of self loathing non-whites for whom its NOT ENOUGH to emulate something from white people... white people must disassociate themselves from it FIRST.

white pride is a reminder to non white racist hatemongers...that what they fancy as being "mine too".... isnt.