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What is the Piano music at the end of Episode 3 of BBC mini series "Victoria"?

The series stars Jenna Coleman (from Doctor Who fame) in the role of Queen Victoria. In Episode 3 "Victoria" is playing the piece I wish to identify on a piano from sheet-music, but I couldn t see what the tune was called neither from the brief glimpse of the sheet music nor in the credits. I seriously doubt Jenna was actually playing the piece, though I d be VERY impressed if she was!!!

I recorded Victoria last night - far more interested in watching Poldark!!! If when I watch it later on, I recognise the piece, I'll add. I also tend to record programmes on channels with adverts, so I can fast forward through them!

Add - I watched this last night, with the subtitles on and the piece at the end was said to be Piano Sonata Number 15 in F Major. No composer given I'm afraid..... Mozart? And I'd lay odds the actress was playing it - just going through the motions - and to any experienced piano player, not very well!

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Mozart's Piano Concerto Number 15 in F major


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Beethoven Sonata No 1 in F minor Opus 2 1 Prestissimo