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Question about cops in the US?

What happens if the cops invade your home without a search warrant. Will the 2nd amendment be allowed would you be allowed to pick up guns if they just walked in without a search warrant. In this situation for the home owners safety. The police are working under the government. If none of these above actually apply what would one do to insure his/her safety against the police.

This might sound stupid but I watched a video of police walking into a house without a search warrant even though they said not to.

In many case they did not need a warrant and rightful so
Let me guess your a big obama and Hillary supporter

Lawyers and police officers steal from the poor and give to the rich. So if you don't have a lawyer in your family (as almost any other lawyer will sell you out), you probably should consult a private security organization for police protection. The best among these was once called Community Resources In Protective Service, or more commonly... "the C.R.I.P.S".

The C.R.I.P.S. were affiliated with a group called the Black Panther Party, who challenged Civil Rights Era police insensitivity in inner city America. Despite ongoing efforts to neutralize them, the C.R.I.P.S. still exist today, and also provide protection to White, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Asian families who fall victim to law enforcement failure, and so therefore lose family members, time away from school, from work, economic and physical security. You might have to contact them through a friend or relative incarcerated in a correctional facility. If you don't have any, you need to file an official complaint with the proper police authorities.

most home entries by the police require a warrant, but that does not mean that the resident knows whether there is a warrant or whether the entry is lawful. If some off-duty cop unlawfull enters your home at night and announces his intention to kill you, and you respond with deadly force, your response is probably lawful. If uniformed cops chase you into the house in hot pursuit and you turn and fire, that is probably not lawful

If you pick up a gun, then they shoot you and you die.

To ensure your safety, you put down your gun. As long as you are not holding the gun, they just arrest you and/or take your stuff. And then you go to court and get a judge to rule on whether they should have gone in your house. If the judge decides that they should not have gone in the house, then the evidence that they seized usually can't be used, so they usually have to let you go.

The cops can do this in hot pursuit, or if they think someone's life is in danger. And no, there is no legal excuse for pulling guns on cops, not even self defense. Cops have the authority, you don't. You can sue them afterward, but that's the only kind of resistance allowed.