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What has muslim countries given the world the past 800 or so years?

I have tried for the past hour googling for muslim contributions to the world in the field of science and technology. No matter how hard I try the contributions stop at the 12-13th century. Maybe I have misses some, I don't know. But the last real, practical contributions in that field from any muslim country, as far as I can tell, is around that time.

Now I will fully admit that during the Islamic Golden age the muslim countries were FAR, FAR superior to any European countries. The Muslim countries were a beacon of light. Not just when it comes to science but also when it comes to social issues as well. But around the 12th century something happened. Maybe it's partially the work of Hamid Al-Ghazali who heavily criticized philosophers and other maybe influenced them to go away from thinking about the natural word. Maybe there is more to it, I don't know. The point is something happened. Something that the Muslim countries have not recovered from since.

A good comparisson I think is between some Muslim countries and Japan. How was Japan before and during WW2? It was a nationalistic, traditional country who was stuck in their ways. What happened after that? They let go of all of it and not 30 years later they were one of the biggest economies on the planet. So what is going on with Muslim countries?

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