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Is my girlfriend being an inconsiderate slut?

Ok a week ago, my gf sent me a Facebook password to fix something on her Facebook. I fixed it and that guy, while I was fixing it, sent her message and I started the messages. She talked to im in a rather flirty way and was planning on hanging out with the guy.

I talked to her about it and told her that I didn't like the way she talked to him. She okay and told me that she had stopped talking to him and he was just a friend. A friend, yes... but one she had just made and was actually in the process of getting to know.

Okay but here is the thing... on Wednesday she is going to china with a school program. So she told me she was going to be super busy on Sunday getting her stuff ready. My birthday is actually on the she is leaving so we celebrated that on Friday so she can have her time to get ready and ****.

So yesterday (Sunday the day she was supposed to be super busy), I texted her asking her how her day is going. She told me that everything is fine. And I asked her what she is doing... She told me that she is at that party with a friend with that guy I talked to her about. It was like a lake party and the guy has a jetski.

When I told why she decided to go. She told she really wanted to because she wanted to do a jetski for a long time. And she didnt tell me that she was going because no matter I told her she would have gone anyway. So my opinion on it did not matter.

What do you guys make of this? Am I overthinking this. or is it a sign to look for a way out?

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