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Immigration should be a human right, do you agree?

Why are people so racist to immigrants just because so many of them are not white?

Not being a libertarian, I don't advocate open borders.

I think that you work to make your society good or bad. You have a vested interest in your society or at least an inherited one from your parents.

The immigration isn't hurting any on. They just come in search of a better lifestyle. A place to feel safe.

Since I am not a libertarian I do not advocated immigration no matter how smart that person is. We need to close our borders so people cannot come into the country anymore.

If you have the money or skills to move to a different Country. Make a contribution to there Land. Above & beyond crime & drugs. Going on social programs. Most will let you move there. You need earn the right to do so. Every one today wants give me for free. The I deserve more than the person who earned.

Immigration is NOT a human right..

Let me ask you this... You studied hard at school, got qualifications and got a decent job as a result. saved hard and bought a house and car, You have money in the bank etc... Me, on the other hand, are uneducated, no skills and no money. Would it be my right to move into your house and land (ie 'your country') and use your facilities etc that you had worked for over the years and contribute little or nothing ? I know what your answer would be - well its the same principal here.

No, it is not nor should it be a human right.

No, it's a privilege. Or do you think some stranger moving into your house is a human right?

So-called "immigration" is just a way to control how and where people move around the planet. If a white person that is in the place called the UK goes to Africa that person is still a white person. In other words, those lines on that map don't mean anything. It's just another method of controlling people.

The smartest most powerful white people know this. They have to control the movement of people on this planet in order to keep their system going. They have to control the weapons they have or don't have. They have to have non-white people focused on and in conflict with each other. Among many other of their "have to's".

See how all these things tie together?

NO Brexit policy will prevent and deport criminal and uneducated migrants

yes because this is your world too. no one has the right to tell you where you can live, you are of the earth, just make sure you pay your taxes.

Nope. What if I live in Country X and you live in Country Z. What makes you think YOU have ANY right to move to my country if we don't want you there? It's got nothing to do with race and has EVERYTHING to with YOU being worthy or not.

If you don't want to assimilate in to MY country's culture, if YOU'RE religious or political beliefs require that MY country change to suit YOUR needs rather than YOU changing to suit our needs, if YOU have zero skills/talents that MY country needs then WHY would we want you here?