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How to write a sexy dance scene?

I need to write a sexy dance scene with a bit of a scary atmosphere. Basically, a girl is dancing alone at a club and she feels as if two guys are slightly creepy cause they get closer too her (too close) and don't take heir eyes off her. They seem as though they want something . This is as far as I've gotten:

I still joined Avery and Jake who were already almost, making out. I separated myself from them in fear of becoming the third wheel. I swayed my hips to the beat, feeling the music electrocute through me as I embraced my singularity on the dance floor. I must have attracted the attention of a couple of guys advancing towards me yet trying to dance at the same time.

They had the same colour of hair - dirty blonde - and dark brown eyes. They grinned at me and almost winked simultaneously. I felt uneasy at their demanding expressions as they got closer and closer, staring straight at me. My heart increased as I noticed their dark clothes didn't seem to fit the fun club atmosphere. Their eyes hinted a sense of urgency and demand.

I know it's not good so can i just get some constructive criticism as I continue writing? I feel like it's missing something, not sure what.

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