Science & Mathematics » Biology » Serious question. Why is there such a variation between men with the sizes of their penis? Why biologically have such a variation?

Serious question. Why is there such a variation between men with the sizes of their penis? Why biologically have such a variation?

I do not think there is that much variation. It is known many exaggerate their size.

There is not as much variation as you imagine.

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Humans evolved from an ape. Our closest relative is the chimp and the next closest relative is the gorilla Gorillas live in small groups of 1 dominant silverback male, his harem of females, and a bunch of young gorillas. Gorillas are territorial, and the silverback will defend his territory, his females and his young against any male challenger, which may want to defeat him and take over his harem. As long as the silverback can maintain his territory, his females will only have sex with him. No matter how small his penis is, he will still father young. Gorillas have a penis that is about 1.5 inches long.

Chimps are different They live in much larger troops, with many adult males. The males remain with the troop they are born into for life. Male chimps cooperate with one another in defense of their territory and they also hunt monkeys together for meat. As a result, males cannot exclude other males from having sex with females within the troop, because they are bonded to one another .There is an alpha male, but if he tries to keep other males from having sex with females, they can gang up on him and kill him, because no matter how strong a male chimp is, he is no match physically against a group of slightly weaker chimps. Because of the way they live, chimps have to compete in other ways to father young. Some scientists call this the war of the penis. It means chimps have to have a long penis to be able to father young, because a female is likely to mate with more than one male, and only a long penis can place sperm closer to the uterus of the female than sperms that are already there. Female chimps mate with multiple males so that they won't harm her baby, since the male will think that the baby may be his if he had mated with the female. As a result of such competition, chimps have a noticeably longer penis than the gorilla, measuring about 3.5 inches. Nevertheless, chimps have noticeably shorter penises than humans. Why?

The reason is that humans have gotten rid of the penile bone. In fact humans are the only primate without a penile bone. When there is no penile bone the penis can grow larger by using hydraulics, or inflation with blood pressure. As to why humans need an even longer penis than the chimp, the reason is that humans evolved in the African savanna, and our ancestors needed to stay together to defense themselves against predators and also to hunt cooperatively since there is little to eat in the savanna. Even though our ancestors may not have defended a territory, they still needed multiple males within the group to stay alive. As a result our male ancestors cannot fight among themselves for access to females. Females also want to mate with multiple males so that the males would not want to harm the babies. Since humans are larger than chimps, a penis that is longer than the chimp penis is beneficial. As a result, the first male human ancestor that evolved a long penis by losing the penile bone became Adam, or the ancestor of all male humans, since all other males that still have the penile bone will gradually be eliminated by natural selection, since they are not able to get sperm close enough to the uterus.

Selective pressure therefore have resulted in humans having the longest penis of any primate, either in terms of absolute length or in proportion to body size. As to why some humans have longer penises than others. The reason is not entirely clear. However, if we look at average penis size, we see a correlation between agriculture and penis size. Human populations that still have a hunter-gatherer lifestyle tend to have longer penises. In contrast, people living in agricultural societies, such as East Asia, tend to have shorter penises. The reason may be a lack of selective pressure on maintaining a long penis. If a male can raise a family alone by farming a small plot of land, without needing to hunt as a group with other men, he can therefore keep his woman or women from having sex with other men. Just like the gorilla, human males living in monogamous or polygynous (one man several women) relationships can have small penises and still father young. Therefore in short (no pun intended), human males who have a long penis probably have ancestors that lived in a promiscuous society not too long ago, and there is therefore selective pressure to keep a long penis just to be able to father young. In contrast, males living in societies that have practiced monogamy for much longer would be able to father young even if they evolved a shorter penis. The presence of males with shot penises due to a lack of selection therefore reduces the average penis size compared to societies in which a long penis is needed to father young. Even though monogamy seems to be universal in all countries around the world, it has not always been this way. Some countries or regions may have adopted monogamy relatively recently, perhaps as little as a few hundred years ago or even more recently, when they abandoned the hunter gatherer lifestyle in favor of farming.

it's how you use it and not how big it is.

Pesticides , Plastics and other hormone-disrupting chemicals can cause those organs to be very small, or even nonexistent. also diet and nutrition can be a factor. It's not all about genetics

There isn't really a huge variation in most men. The average size is what most men have.
For the people who have the unusual large or small Johnson, it's the same reason that some people have size 14 feet and others have size 4. Just random genetics.

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When compared against our fellow ape species, the human penis is both larger and more varied.

One lesson is that's a new evolutionary trait that have not yet been culled for enough to reduce variation. It's one of many differences between humans and our fellow apes so it's newer than 5 million years. The fact that there is still variation means the selection is not as strong as highly functional feet for walking.

Another lesson is that since human penises are larger than gorilla or chimp penises, that human females select for larger penises. So much for any claim that size does not matter.

THAT leaves no record in fossils, so VERY difficult to pin down.

I'm afraid I can't give you any evolutionary advantage to penis size, since penises of both sizes still lead to pregnancy. Other than that, it is simply a variation of genes that has no particular meaning.