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Was it wise to seek a return to normalcy after world war 1 ?

did harding and coolidge policies have a positive or negitive impact on american society during the 1920s

It's hard to say what it would have been like if the country had returned to normalcy because the post-war country was very different from the pre-war. There was a Red Scare, Prohibition, gangsters, Ku Klux Klan, women voting, radio broadcasts and cars almost anyone could afford.

as opposed to ???

i would think return to normalcy is always the goal.
and from a little researching, i would say that at least harding's policies had a positive effect.

"Revenues to the treasury increased substantially. Unemployment also continued to fall. Libertarian historian Thomas Woods contends that the tax cuts ended the Depression of 1920–1921 and were responsible for creating a decade-long expansion.[116] Historians Schweikart and Allen attribute these changes to the tax cuts.[121] Schweikart and Allen also argue that Harding's tax and economic policies in part "... produced the most vibrant eight year burst of manufacturing and innovation in the nation's history."[122] The combined declines in unemployment and inflation (later known as the Misery Index) were among the sharpest in U.S. history. Wages, profits, and productivity all made substantial gains during the 1920s."