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Algebra Help?

1. Solve the following system of equations and show all work.

y = x2 + 3
y = x + 5

2. The Flip-Flop-Alot Company makes and sells flip-flops. They have one linear function that represents the cost of producing flip-flops and another linear function that models how much income they get from those flip-flops. Describe the key features that would determine if these linear functions ever intercepted.

3.Your boss hands you the monthly data that show the number of orders coming in to and out of the warehouse. The data are in the table below. Explain to your boss, in complete sentences, the solution to this system and what the solution represents.

Month No. of orders in No. of orders out
January (1) 3 3
February (2) 6 4
March (3) 9 5
April (4) 12 6

4. Determine whether the point (2, 0) is a solution to the system of equations. Explain your reasoning in complete sentences.

graph of a line 3 times x plus 2 and the absolute value of x minus 1 plus one. The graphs intersect at the point 0 comma 2
Courtesy of Texas Instruments

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