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Can I identify as Hispanic? (Legitimate, Urgent)?

I'm 100% sure I'm 1/8 Mexican and possibly another fraction of Spanish, however this hasn't been confirmed yet. Although, I carry a white surname and my father is completely white. My mom is 1/4 Mexican. I didn't learn Spanish until I was a teenager and I learned from my friends. However, my entire life, I've identified as "part" Hispanic, and I currently identify with Mexican culture in my house through food, music, and I used to celebrate some holiday traditions in my early childhood.


Hispanic isn't a race, and Hispanic isn't a ethnicity either.Today Hispanic is used as a term for Americans that speak Spanish, if you don't speak Spanish, then you aren't Hispanic.

The original definition of Hispanic means being from Hispania (which is in Europe).So real Hispanics are white Europeans.So you aren't Hispanic according to the original definition either.

Also Spanish last names are white names, Spanish last names are from Spain and Spaniards are white Europeans.My mother was from Spain(where the Spanish language is from), she was WHITE and her last name is white European because Spanish names are white names.

Another thing is that you can't be 1/8 Mexican, Mexican is a nationality not a race and

So no you aren't Hispanic if you don't speak Spanish, Hispanic isn't a race and the current definition of Hispanic is that you are a Spanish speaker, you aren't Hispanic.

as long as you eat Tacos

If you can speak Spanish like a native, sure. If not, no.

"a white surname"? wtf is a white surname?
Surnames don't have colour.

You are too dumb to be "Hispanic". I wouldn't allow you to be "Hispanic" if I were "Hispanic".

You can identify as whatever you want in the USA. There are no laws telling you what you can or can't identify as.

Hispanic means you speak Spanish natively. You apparently do speak Spanish natively, so I guess you could say you're Hispanic.

Other people will take it as being of a Spanish-speaking country's descent, typically Latin American, which you are, but only 1/8, which isn't that much. So I guess it would depend on what person you ask.

Also, Spanish IS a white language. It was created by Europeans (Spanish people), so Spanish names ARE white names. Not to mention millions of Latin Americans have Spanish last names and are white. Non-white Latin Americans have Spanish last names because they received them when they were converted to Catholicism by the white Spaniards. For example, check out Edith Gonzalez or Eduardo Verastegui, who are white Mexicans. They have Spanish last names and are of the white race, which 99% of the time means they are of Spanish (EUROPEAN) descent.

Ethnicity is not race. Ethnicity is a subgroup of a race basically, like Russian or French or Italian are ethnicities of the white race. Any ethnicity can be Hispanic, though the USA wrongly categorizes it as an ethnicity.

Go ahead and mark Hispanic on college application because you will get unfair benefits for being deemed "non-white," even though Hispanic is not a race and millions of them are white. But the USA likes to generalize them all as being non-white.

As for your race you should really mark white because that's what you are. Most Mexicans are Native American or mestizo, which are people that are a mix of white and Native American, but 10% of Mexicans are white. So there is a good chance you ARE just white. Even if the Mexican great grandparent was Native American, you would only be 12.5% Native American, which would not show in your features at all most likely.

Hope I helped.