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Essay title about equality?

I'm writing and essay on the story "Harrison Bergeron" and talking about how radical equality could corrupt society and anyone who was to rebel against social norms faces consequences

"Equality" is a legal status concerning fairness and equal treatment by the government toward everyone.

"Sameness" is a different concept. It refers to everyone's being an identical person or identically constituted.

In the US, we insist on legal equality while striving for personal differences and non-conformity (leaders, mavericks, pioneers, creators, etc.)
Sometimes people confuse the ideal of "legal equality" with the concept of "everyone is (or should be) "the same."

When the Founding Fathers said that "All men are created equal," they had in mind to reject the system that was used in England (where they had come from). In that country, some people were nobles and the rest were commoners. The nobility got special treatment under the law, such as a different way to be put on trial for a crime, and so on.
Americans rejected that and said that in this country, no one could become a "lord" or "lady" over other people, and that all citizens were to be treated equally by the government.

The story "Harrison Bergeron" describes an exaggerated society in which the government tries to make everyone the same (not equal).

How about this as a title?
It's from a quote by Zita Cobb
According to Zita Cobb, “There’s a plague of sameness that is killing human joy.”
Zita Cobb is the founder of Shorefast Foundation, which has been working towards building a sustainable economy on Fogo Island, Newfoundland."

"Killing Human Joy"
- or -
"A Plague of Sameness"