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Should I start walking?

I'm thinking about starting to go on walks. I'm 17.

follow your dreams.

Walking is good exercise. I was diagnosed diabetic a few years ago and the doctor convinced me that I'd have to get some exercise to keep my blood sugar in control. I'd never been an exercising kind of person but I began walking with an MP3 player and soon it got to be almost addictive. I have a friend, a woman who's trying to lose weight (aren't ALL women?) and we go on 3-mile walks with her dogs 3 times a week.

A couple years ago I started riding a bicycle and that's even better! It was a little hard getting started but now I can do 10 miles in the time it takes to walk 2 or 3 miles, plus it's a little higher intensity than just walking. I've been on 20-mile bike rides and I was surprised I could even do that!