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Why doesn't Trump wear a wedding ring?

Is it because he's had too many, or does he think he's too good to wear one?

Safety. Wedding rings can conduct high voltage if some asswhole of Hillary's get's close enough.


Most men that age don't. Male wedding rings came into fashion after his generation.

He doesn't value the sanctity of marriage
Real men wear their wedding rings

He does not take marriage seriously. He would much rather marry himself than anyone else.

My husband and I started out with wedding rings and don't wear them anymore either, because they hurt now. He's had three surgeries on that hand, and I have a pinched nerve.

Is it really that important (or even your business)? I never even look for jewelry on a man. Bet his wife has a nice ring, though.

It is a personal choice. I have been married a long time and I don t wear mine and neither does my husband. For some people it means more than it does to others. Its just jewelry. The commitment is not a tangible item.