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Who else hates Sagittarius?

I do not hate Sag

Depends on their charts.

I don't hate individuals
But the traits and concept of sagittarius I dislike (I don't like using the word hate lol)
Most sagittarius ppl I've met have been mean, arrogant, annoying, disrespectful, selfish, manipulative and lack empathy
On the plus side they are fun and adventurous!
My star sign is known not to get along with sagittarius anyway hahaha

I don't hate all Sagittarius, but there was one Sagittarius woman who farted in front of me, well it does not matter she is just a rude Sagittarius, lol. The other Sagittarius people are cool anyway.

I dont hate sagittarius at all. In fact i love them so much i am one


I cant stand them either. Theyre rude and fake.
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I don't hate Sag

They're okay