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I need help or tips with the korean aplhabet , hangul.?

Well when I see a " A" I automatically look at it knowing what it is and I know the sound without thinking. I know all they symbols for hangul but I don't understand how I look at them and don't see sounds our letters. i just see symbols and after a few seconds I see an EE sound or an EU sound.
when i see that i don't see a word until i sound it out which takes about 10 seconds. How can I learn to just look at it and know that it says annyeong?

You haven't always been able to look at 'A' and automatically know what it is and how it sounds. If you write 'dog' on a piece of paper and give it to a young child that has just learned the alphabet, they will struggle reading it, even though you can read it in a fraction of a second (and don't even have to read every letter; because you're so practised in reading English, you just look at words and you know what they mean and how they sound). So how does that kid that struggles to read a 3-letter word get better at it? By practising, of course.

It's the exact same for Korean. You've just learned the Korean alphabet, but putting that knowledge to practise is still a difficult task. You just need to practise reading more Korean texts. You don't have to understand what they mean, just read as much as you can. Song lyrics, news, whatever. You have the knowledge to read any Korean text, even though it's frustrating and takes a lot of time. You'll improve the more you read. You overcame that same problem when you first studied the Roman alphabet as a child, so with enough practise you'll be able to read Korean just as fast as you read English. It's going to take some time, though, so be patient.

And oh, ditch romanised Korean immediately. Read Korean only in hangul. If you know the symbols, even if you have to occasionally look them up and even if your reading is slow, you don't need the romanised version. It's counterproductive for you.