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Do I have anxiety?

Ever since I was 12 I have always been very anxious. I put it behind me because I'm a people pleaser and I didn't want people thinking I was a wuss so I acted tough and created an "alter ego" to hide myself behind. At that stage the panic attacks hadn't started yet but I was quite anxious about most things.

I'm now 13 (turning 14 soon) and I feel much, much worse. I recently got into a lot of trouble with my mom and I ruined my relationship with her completely. Everyday now I'm so worried that people are saying nasty things about me and my family. I worry about whether my mom will approve of the people I am sitting with at lunch. I wonder whether my mom will be happy if I got 39/40 instead of 40/40 for a math test. But not everything is about my mom; cars make me super anxious because I was in a car accident and I wasn't wearing a seatbelt, nowadays I cannot sit in the front seat, regardless of who I'm driving with because I am so afraid of it happening again.

I find myself not being able to sleep properly because I'm busy worrying about things that could go wrong. If I do manage to get a good sleep, I have usually had some sort of nightmare that I could not wake up from and usually wake up crying or in a cold sweat.
Most adults intimidate me and I cannot talk to most without crying mid-sentence.

I've seen the school therapist about this, but I want a proper diagnosis.

Please answer, this "anxiety" is literally taking over my life.

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