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How can I earn $100 online fast?

I want and NEED a new cell phone, as mine died last month...right after my car died. This week my refrigerator died too, right after I paid the rent. So I'm about as tapped out as anyone could be, but I REALLY need a new cell phone asap!! It doesn't have to be fancy, there's an HTC on sale for $100 that would suit me fine. I'm trying to come up with creative ways to earn a quick 100 but can't think of anything.

I looked around for items I could maybe sell, but don't really have anything of value that I'm willing to part with.

I just joined Swagbucks (where you take online surveys for gift cards @retailers), but don't really know how it works yet.

I even thought about pimping myself out for a trick or two, but scratched that off my list quickly.

I just want a quick 100 for a new phone, is that too much to ask?! I'm taking suggestions that are legal and ethical...

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