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Why aren't there scholarships for straight white men?

I was looking as scholarships to apply for and so many are for blacks, asians, hispanics, jews, gays, lesbians, and pretty much every minority you can immagine. Then there are scholarships for women only. But the only ones I, as a straight white man can apply for are ones that all of the above categories can also apply for. Why are there no exclusive scholarships for straight white men like there are for others? I come from a middle class family of 7 with one working parent where, as the oldest, my parents cannot afford to pay for my college education, I'm expected to pay for it all myself. So why do minorities get their own scholarships while I have to compete for the communal ones?

Because we're rich and we have all the advantages. Haven't you heard? Pffft

i heard about hispanic, black, and asian organizations that focus on helping people of their own race in general, so that's why there would be more of these scholarships for minority races. these organizations usually exist because there was a need to help minority races...i really haven't heard of much white organizations(since there wasn't really a huge need for one), but i wouldn't mind if there were scholarships for disadvantaged white guys/girls

Becasue historically blacks were excluded from all scholarships. They couldn't even apply to "communal" schools. Over several generations, this took a toll on black families and black communities. In an effort to create the steepest learning and opportunity curve, to make up for lost time, and the many lives that never had an opportunities, people wanted to create scholarships to help these families. In general, white men get their fair share of scholarships. if you want a scholarship becasue you feel white men need special opportunities to make up for a historical wrongs, I don't get it, but maybe some group has one. If I were you, I'd just apply for the many scholarships out there. If you qualify, you'll probably get one. I know many white men who obtained scholarships without any problems.

I'd be surprised if there isn't a scholarship, actually. Not even one by a white supremacist group? That seems strange. I wonder if there are indirect ones, like scholarships for those like Irish or Czech or some other kind of descent. And, of course, straight white men always get scholarships anyway.

Really, scholarships are often set up by others looking to make sure others have a chance. White straight males have historically had the best chance, hence a lesser reason for them to establish some along those lines. Whereas successful black, Asian, Hispanic, etc. people set up scholarships, it's because they had a hard time and sometimes give back because they only succeeded because they had those scholarships. White men who are straight set usually don't feel like any difficulty came from their gender, race, or sexual orientation, so they tend to set scholarships up with different concerns.

I'm a straight white male, and I earned some very generous scholarships. I'm also Jewish, but for the purpose of many of the ones I got I was a straight white male nonetheless. I had half my college tuition paid before I even took a class, all due to merit rather than my background.

Really, look for merit-based scholarships, or take other considerations into concern. If you have financial difficulties, go with that angle. I'd exhaust every angle you have before giving up. Apply still for communal ones, since it's not so stacked against white people as many seem to think.

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