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Older men stares at me?

So this is my 2:nd year when me and my family are having our summer vacation in Bulgaria. It's very beautiful here, and the Black Sea is awesome!
But there are two guys that go around the beach with a big pot full of cornstalks. So they're going around and selling it to people that wants to buy them. They stop every 6-7 meters at the beach.
The 2:nd day when I was about to go out from the water, one of the guy turned his head to me and looked at me with a kind of lust-ish face.
I couldn't see details of his expression because it's in the eyes, and both of them are always wearing sunglasses.
I can agree that I have a very fit body and my friends are saying that I have "that perfect body" and my face is cute.
The days passed and they both were giving glances at me a little bit everyday.
Today when I was only with my mom at the beach at like 5 o'clock, the beach was quite empty. So, again, I was about to go out if the water, and they are already glancing at me, with both of their heads following me. My mom saw that they were staring at me and said to turn away, but still, they could stare at me. Both of them stopped more than they actually should, just beacuse to stare at me. They stopped there for like 3 minutes. One of them were just straight out fuc*** staring at me with both of his hands on his hips and another were taking off his sunglasses and looking at me. They're like 30 years old. So the question is why do they stare at me frquently? Is it because of my body?

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