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Why do women initiate most domestic violence?

Studies show women initiate most domestic violence, but they end up getting the worst end of it in the end more than half the time (probably because men are stronger). So, knowing they are more likely to end up getting the worst of it in the end, why do they initiate it more?

Maybe these women aren't too bright.

The campaign should read, "Don't be that idiot," with an image of a woman swinging her fist at a sleeping bear.

Ladies, don't initiate violence against men lest they counter with violence against you.

cause most aren't hit back

One study said this from my understanding and it has been misrepresented by Paul Elam to say something other that what the researchers wanted and it was a self reported study - and so it is suspect and totally dependent on the veracity of those who answered it . Please post the studies with quotes and page numbers to give evidence.

Edit - I see no posts of any evidence - Am I to assume you have no evidence?

I'm not talking about Paul Elam. Many non biased, non-MRA studies indicate this.

Domestic violence is an evil occurrence initiated by male demands of what a woman should be like. Actually when men are initiating it, women usually turn away.

Those damn women should shut up - never provoke a guy in case he hits them.

You may wish to put up some proper stats. Official stats have male perpetrators at 80 to 90 % mostly and female victims at about the same (with the lowest at 73%).

This is NOT to say that there are not male victims or that the severity (women more likely to end up in hospital, men end up with scratches) may skew reporting etc

But without sources, and sources that are proper / official and free of MRA / feminist stuff helps nothing...

For a collection of OVER 200 STUDIES showing that women initiate half OR MORE incidences of domestic violence, see:

That's not one study. That's a compendium of studies.

Saying it isn't so is like being a climate denier.

I've read the exact opposite, in studies that looked at real data (i.e. police records, victim reports etc) - not the opinions or self-reported data of disgruntled men. You should try reading some less biased materials, before jumping to your predetermined conclusions.

Domestic violence is without a doubt something that both partners can perpetrate. Due to the physical characteristics of men and women, men who hit women on average are likely to cause more harm. If you take the feminist doctrine on domestic violence into account including financial abuse, stalking, verbal abuse etc I am sure as many men would be victims as women if anyone ever recorded these statistics.

The article posted by Bella B ( showed in a sample of university students asked about DV in their families they responded that these behaviors were about equal in both parents.

My main issue with the men are bad promoted by feminists is that most men are not bad. The risk factors of domestic violence are more easily tracked by poverty, substance abuse, ethnicity and cultural background.

I have no doubt that women instigate a lot of domestic violence and I have no doubt that they are more likely to come out on the wrong side of a physical confrontation but to solve the problem we need to isolate the bad people and deal with them. The constant bashing of ordinary men in the media is leading to men being desensitized to the issue and as a decent man you get to the point when you roll your eyes every time you hear a feminist starting on the bad man routine. Just tonight I heard another one on a panel show with the old "the greatest cause of death of women under 35 is domestic violence. We all know that that is BS and that unlawful death ranks at number 5 before you separate the DV deaths.