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Do you work in a funeral home? As an embalmer?

Hi. I'm very interested in pursuing a career as an embalmer. I'm afraid that I may think I'm very interested but understand that at the end of the day when I'm behind the scenes of a funeral home and come face to face with multiple corpses and maybe even see a body undergo the embalming process I may have a very drastic change of heart. So, I want to call a funeral home and explain this all to them and ask very politely if they could show me around, then if it went well and they seemed to like me, I want to ask if I can sit and just watch quietly as the embalmer does their job, I would like to just observe to see if it's something I could really see myself doing (that's if the initial tour went well ;P). What do you think? What would be your reaction if someone approached you with this? Would they be mad that I even asked? Would you say that most the people in the industry are mean and this would piss them off? I'm not trying to step on any toes.Thanks in advance

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