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The best smartphone for big fingers ?

Which smartphone is the best for people who have big fingers ?

Galaxy s4. Has some nice zoom options that expand buttons for easy use. Or the Note 2 or 3 probably have that too. They also have a bigger screen and a pull out pen that would solve your problem altogether:)

You should try Samsung tab 2. its screen bigger and comfortable.

Samsung Galaxy Note III
Sony Xperia Z1
Nokia Lumia 1520
Nokia Lumia 1020

These are phones with bigger screens so it will be easier to control for people with bog fingers. If you need any of these phones without contract or unlocked cheaper than retail, mail me.

Samsung galaxy S4 is a very good and amazing phone. it's the cream of the crop. camera is awesome. and the speed of the CPU is quick. You have to visit for more information.


big fingers? go for big screen. never get small phones, so i recommend samsung galaxy note series, either note 2 or 3,they both fit in the pocket and can be operated with one hand specially with big fingers, also if you want a little smaller smartphone you can get the gs4 or gs5, but in my opinion gs5 is gs4+heart beat sensor and like the touch id sensor in the iphone which allows you to lock the phone with your fingerprint, however, i have both note 2 and gs4 and i highly recommend the note 2, as it's bigger and still fits in the pocket, keep in consideration the S-pen which offers an awesome experience, also and most importantly, due to the lower ppi on the note 2 with super high ram (2gb), it NEVER freezes, unlike the gs4 which rarely freezes, but its there. also you can check sony xperia z1 ( for water and dust resist, which also is in the gs5) and the LG G2, but for medium phones there are the gs4 ,gs5, and the HTC one ( if you're a HTC fan), also dont go for the iphone, i had the iphone 4s, it was awesome, but it started to become weak in comparison to the superior samsung, iphone 5s doesn't face the problem of freezing but it's very small and won't fit big fingers.