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How to straighten trigger finger?

So my moms middle finger is stuck right now like bent down and she can't straighten it.. It's called trigger finger. Any suggestions on how to straighten it?

Perfect answer Hal Lancer, I had the steroid injections which you mentions which gave remarkable results (for 6 months) but because I over grip all the time I now need surgery. Just mainly wanted to confirm your answer as correct for anyone else who is worried/ curious as I was previously

Trigger finger occurs due to tendon inflammation in the hand.

She should consider having it evaluated by an orthopedic hand surgeon, but there are also some things she can do for it before seeing a doctor, with the goal of reducing inflammation. Rest the hand. No gripping, typing, holding a game controller, writing, etc. with that hand. Gently splinting the finger so that it's in a straight position and is forced to rest may help. If she can safely take them, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen may help. If she tries those things with no relief, she can see a doctor for an injection which may correct the problem temporarily or long-term. If all that fails, outpatient surgery can be performed, and that normally does correct it when all else does not, if the surgeon is good.

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