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Meaning of The Word "Apparently" &"Ironic"?

Hey fellas, I've heard these two word like a million times in movies and TV shows and i have also searched them but couldn't understand the meaning specially the word "Apparently" They say it's meaning is clearly but i doesn't makes any sense when i put it in some dialogue of a movie that I've watched

Can you guys explain it me with examples and where to use these words.
Please avoid using any definition from dictionary :-)

Apparently used in a movie is usually very sarcastic or matter-of-fact. In movies it's just exaggerating what the character is saying like 'apparently Tina likes to cause problems'.

Apparently - as far as one knows or can see
These days I think you are more likely to find apparently meaning "it appears that", "it seems that", "it looks as if", ...
Examples - The change in the company's location was apparently due to the need for more space.
Priceless artwork had apparently been stolen during the museum's power outage.
To understand the word "ironic" you must know what is irony. Irony is not sth made of iron perhaps it means opposite of what one is saying.
Irony - The use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning.
Ironic - using or characterized by irony
Example - It was an ironic twist of fate for the greatest swimmer in the Olympic history-drowning in a swimming pool.
It was ironic that the woman married a soldier as she was against war.