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Apparently. And apparent what does it mean?



Clear and clearly, obviously, at face value, easy to see
Root word is appear. come into sight; become visible or noticeable, typically without visible agent or apparent cause

Apparently (adverb ) ; apparent ( adjective ) ;" appearing/seems to be ".

It means: by all or some appearances, but not with certainty. To say that something is apparent is to say it has the semblance, without incontrovertible proof, of actuality.

appear means that if looked at, it is perceived as, it seems to be. apparent and apparently are used to say that the thing, as I "see" it, seems to be "such and such" even if I cannot prove it, and in fact I am not trying to prove it, I am merely saying that is how things look or seem.

"Apparently" is an adverb meaning "obviously".
His visage apparently refects his anger.

"apparent " is an adjective having the same meaning, I.e. "obvious".
It was apparent from his face that he was in deep geief.

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