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Examples of condescending attitudes?

i'm a little confused with patronizing and condescending, could you all please share an example? like is being condescending like sarcastic or something?

I'm surprised you're confused. The differences are small. It is the manner in which the behaviour occurs which differentiates the two. Either way, you are showing your superiority.

To be 'condescending' means that someone lowers himself to the same level as the people to whom he is talking in order to show his superiority or the other's stupidity.

Teacher: "No. Pay attention. It's really quite simple. You take the yellow wire and you attach it here and you take the blue wire and attach it there."
Student: "Sorry. I forgot."
Teacher: "Well, I wouldn't expect anyone of your limited intellect to remember which wire should go where."

"You DO know what a book is, don't you?"

"I'm not surprised you fell down. It must be very difficult for you to walk and chew gum at the same time."

Being patronizing is similar except that you are raising yourself above the level of someone else.

"Oh, yes, it's lovely. Mind you, I would never wear an outfit like that."

"I would invite you to my party, but I'm afraid you would have nothing in common with the other guests. You would be bored to death."

In other words, it means..."I’m superior to you and you’re an idiot.’” When it’s directed at you, you feel belittled and inferior.

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examples of condescending attitudes?
i'm a little confused with patronizing and condescending, could you all please share an example? like is being condescending like sarcastic or something?

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All the time. I make a point, about university, or an opinion, to immediately have it repeated back to me like the adult has just thought of it and is arguing against me... I have to fight not to get angry and remind them that THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING! For instance: Me: "GCSEs are so easy, im whipping through right now with no revision" Friend: "You're going to fall flat on your face, you need to revise for GCSEs they're very important and i made that mistake with my Olevels" .....Nearly a year on..... Me: "blah blah blah GCSEs were easy ha ha, alevels are sure to be harder though, i might revise for them" Friend: "Oh no, i've been through all that you have to revise for Alevels, they are so much harder!" See what i mean? It's like they feel the need to be condescending and baby me, when i've looked after myself and done all my work and set my own rules for when i can go out and when i can't for the last 6 years! It's not like im not mature enough to know when i need to start to work hard- i did excellently in my GCSEs under my own ruling, I go to parents evenings alone and hear the teachers comments myself and NOW the adults think its time to shove their noses in?! Too late! Now i'm old enough to look after myself, they start babying me- how irritating! They always have this habit of believing that age makes them right. Well i know i'm not always right, but i also know i am intelligent and sometimes i KNOW i am right. When an adult argues with me about something i am particularly interested in, say String Theory, and they know very little about it, it riles me! I mean- what do they think they know that i dont, when i have read every book i can find and researched and attended lectures on the matter, and they might have read a brief BBC Focus article- i think its a little obvious who knows more. I live in a world of adults. I cannot talk to teenagers very easily because i am very mature and i was brought up around dinner tables where i am by far the youngest, and i had to learn how to hold up my end of a conversation. So i know a lot about how adults think, what they joke about etc, and i've often heard them joking about my brother going off upstairs to play on his playstation, or even about me, when ive been to the toilet. I hear their remarks about how i "am so grown up and so clever" and then i come and sit back down to be babytalked for 5mins- once everyone realises just how young i am! SO WHAT?! Doesnt make me stupid!

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Condescending Attitude

"Condescending attitudes can be percieved as being passive aggressive. Condescenging attitudes come from people who are trying to be a smart allick and think they are being funny when they are being rude and mean on purpose.Some people who give off a condescending attitude are not well liked. The goal with this is that they try to make people feel stupid and as if they are not intelligent. They talk to people like they are lower than they are. Condescending attitudes are not attractive on anymone and especially women. Women who come across being condescending are looked at as being ""bitchy"" or having a bad attitude, which in most cases is right. Men who are condescending are looked at as being ""bitchy"" as well, like a female. In the workplace having a condescending attitude will not help your career either. If you are in management people will not trust you and will thing that you abuse your position by speaking in a condescending manner."