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What happens to the arbiter after halo 3?

Did he pass, or is he alive, or was he assassinated by Avu Med 'Telcam

He goes back to his homework and leads the Covenant, and fights those that still follow the prophet's lies.

He returned home to Sanghelios, the homeworld of the Elites, with the other Elites that survived the battle with the Covenant on the Ark. but Mater Chief needed to retrieve Cortana from High Charity before the Arbiter also assisted Master Chief with activating Installation 04 2.0 just above the Ark's atmosphere, which not only severely damaged the Ark, but it also eliminated the Flood that wasn't in isolated quarantine on a Halo installation and it ended the war between the UNSC and the Covenant Empire. The Arbiter became the leader of the Elites and the New Covenant Empire.

The Arbiter, after meeting up with lord hood at the Memorial, left to his homeworld to negotiate a peace treaty with the humans. However, not all of the elites like the idea, and the Arbiter is currently facing a political and civil war, as the whole Sangheli race is being splintered between the side of the Arbiter and "The Storm" splinter faction...... read Halo: Glasslands for more info