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How do I become an embalmer?

I do not wish to be a full Mortician or Funeral Director, I just want to be an embalmer. I have tried to do research on where to go to school for it but I just cant find embalming training.

I can tell ya how to become emabalmed.



I would need some more specific information to give you a detailed answer.

Mostly, I would need to know the state in which you live or are planning on becoming an embalmer.

Many states have a single license where you are both a funeral director and an embalmer (my state is like this). Other states have separate licenses for each. Since you didn't say where you live or are planning on getting licensed, I can't help you there other than the first link below to the National Funeral Directors Association's website where it lists every state and the requirements.

The second link is to the American Board of Funeral Service Education's website which lists all accredited mortuary schools in the country. Choose the state you are looking into and you'll find the schools in that state.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me via Yahoo - and good luck!